Crotalus durissus unicolor banner illustration


I am a graphic/interactive design student with a strong interest in nature, science, foreign cultures, and mythology. I am currently studying at Webster University and plan to graduate with my bachelor's degree in Fall 2019. I have obtained an associate's degree from St. Louis Community College in Graphic Communications.
In the future, I will work as a full-time graphic and interactive designer and breed reptiles on the side. I am very passionate about reptiles and reptile keeping; I currently own 10 snakes and am beginning to breed a few of them. Some of my hobbies include baking, gardening, reading, video games, and anime. I am an advocate for environmental sustainability and using native species for landscaping. My favourite genres of video games are RPGs, Platformers, and Strategy, and my favourite anime is Yu Yu Hakusho.
Photo of Rosalie